About us

Vision Solutions is a best-in-class learning centre that provides a holistic learning experience to all its students in an age of learning and globalization. With our core team of more than 10 years of real-time classroom experience, Vision Solutions ensures the best learning experience for all its students. We offer a wide range of courses for you to choose from and redesign your CV/portfolio.

We also conduct psychometric tests to help you in knowing yourself better and choosing exactly what is best for you.

At Vision Solutions, it is not about business, but about what is right for every student. Our courses – that you will pick based on your choice and your psychometric results – will thus empower you in a manner best suited to you.

Why us and why now?

This is exactly what inspires us at Vision Solutions each day - to give you way more than just knowledge.
We give you competence, vocational skills and the tools that will tell you how to use all of that for your holistic development. We impart learning beyond education and truly prepare you for a life that is fulfilling in every sense of the word.


Our Vision & Mission


To prepare a generation that stops relying merely on academic scores and textbook knowledge and create global leaders of tomorrow.
A progressive learning community persevering towards the transformation of a child to be globally competent in science and technology, arts and humanity and to embody a passion for education, peace and environmental advocacy.


To help you become the best version of yourself by equipping you with a bag full of skills that you can pull out of irrespective of the challenge life throws at you.
Every member of the Vision Solutions Community is committed to believe in, discover, create and open an environment of unlimited potential for every person by nurturing and educating his intellect, emotion, spirit, and physical domains.