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Why us and why now?

In a world that saw an unprecedented lockdown for almost half a year, so many of us lost our jobs, our livelihoods and even our hopes of a secure future. However, the ones who managed to stay afloat or at least bounce back faster than others definitely had something in common.

It was their abilities beyond mere academic qualifications and degrees. Something they picked up outside of our traditional educational systems, something much more enriching and holistic than merely a degree that guarantees a campus placement.

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We give you competence, vocational skills and tools for holistic development

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We impart learning beyond education

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Our mentor

Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Chairman & Managing Director has done a Ph.D. in Career Counselling with 25 years of rich Career Counselling experience.

  • Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras believes that student must first choose Career than the course.
  • The objective to identify the "Career Choices" based upon "Skills", "Ability" and "Personality" of the students.
  • In order to test Skills & ability, a team of World-Renowned Psychiatrists and Career Counsellor have developed a robust algorithm by which "Emotional Quotient" of the students is captured and matched with the Career Skills using Adaptive Testing methodology.

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