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A new German syllabus for classes V1 is to be introduced in all ICSE schools. In the modern globalised world it is important that our education system produces global citizens, who are prepared for the challenges that they will face in their professional and personal lives. Foreign languages are an important step towards this goal. English is no doubt the lingua franca today but to understand the thinking and way of working and living of peoples from various cultures it is important to learn their language. The ICSE has recognised this fact and gives its students ample opportunity to pursue languages.

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  • Indian students are increasingly showing an interest in going abroad for higher studies. German universities offer many courses of study with English as a medium of instruction, but German is needed to survive and live comfortably in German speaking countries. The advantage of studying in Germany is also the extremely nominal tuition fee. Hotel management institutes in Switzerland enjoy an excellent reputation in the hospitality industry and many Indians choose to go and join the courses there again making the knowledge of German essential. In India there is a huge demand for German speaking professionals in the fast growing BPO and KPO industry. There is also a big demand for Indian professionals in Germany.

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To achieve this objective we have to start the instruction of the German language at the school level. The ICSE recognises this development and has decided to introduce an interactive and communicative syllabus for classes VI to XII. 10 to 16 is the ideal age group to learn a foreign language; therefore the ICSE has decided to introduce German at the class VI level. This means that the students have exposure to the language for at least five years till class X, thus giving them a good working knowledge of the language.

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